Currently, we offer Driver License and ID services by appointment only.

Unfortunately, due to the significantly slower processing times with the new Real ID system, we can only process a few driver licenses and/or state IDs each day.  As a result, we currently use appointments for processing.

To set up and appointment, you can come by our office or call 918-438-2198.

If you are interested in ‘Real Id’ compliant licenses and IDs, please follow the link below for information regarding ‘Real ID’ purpose and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Driver License and State ID

How early can I renew my license or ID?

Your License or ID can be renewed up to one year in advance. You won’t lose any time as it will expire four years from the original expiration.

If my License is expired, do I have to retake a test?

As long as you renew your license within three years of the expiration, you will not need to retake the driving test. However, after a license has been expired for more than one year, you may be required to provide additional identification such as your birth certificate.

Is there a penalty for an expired driver’s license?

There are no penalties an expired driver’s license?

If I’m getting a state ID for the first time, can I do that at Eastside Tag Agency?

For the first ID, you must go to a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Examiners Station. They will create your file in the DPS system. Then you will bring your paperwork from DPS to Eastside Tag Agency to issue the ID. To determine what forms of identification they DPS will need from you, call 916-632-7700.

If I have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), can I renew at Eastside Tag Agency?

All CDL holders must go to a Department of Public Safety Examining station first for any transactions on their license, to include renewals, change of address, or lost license.

If my license is suspended, can I pay the fines in your office?

All fines and information relating to suspensions must be conducted through the Department of Public Safety — Driver Compliance Office. You can contact them at 918-632-7710.